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Oil and Gas Industry

MorNefteGazStroy Ltd. provides a full range of services on design, construction, fire safety, corrosion protection, outfitting and maintenance of oil and gas facilities.



  • Development of Project sections on Fire Safety Measures development upon design of buildings and facilities;
  • Development and analyses of specific fire safety technical requirements upon design of buildings and facilities;
  • Expert support on fire safety upon design of buildings and facilities;
  • Expert support on fire safety upon state expert review of projects;
  • Design and installation of fire-extinguishing systems, fire and security alarm systems, and warning systems;
  • Fire risks evaluation;
  • Engineering structures fire protection design;
  • Smoke protection systems design;
  • Internal fire-extinguishing water line design;
  • Design of automatic fire alarm system, automatic water and gas fire fighting systems;
  • Fire alarm and evacuation management systems design;
  • Fire safety declaration drafting.





  • Structured cable system;
  • Local area network;
  • Security alarm system;
  • Alarm and evacuation management system;
  • Access monitoring and control system;
  • Surveillance system;
  • Telephone communication;
  • Automatic fire fighting system;
  • Fire alarm and warning system;
  • Radiobroadcasting civil defence and emergency warning system.





MorNefteGazStroy Ltd. performs the following types of works to provide fire safety at industrial and civil facilities:


  • Fire protection of metal, reinforced concrete, wooden structures, cable lines with fire-retardant paints;
  • Fire protection of air ducts, ventilation and smoke exhaust systems with structural thermal insulation materials;
  • Cable penetrations installation;
  • Works on mounting, repair, technical maintenance of fire and security alarm systems, gas, powder, spray and water fire fighting systems, fire evacuation management systems, surveillance and fence intruder detection systems.





  • Corrosion protection of metal and reinforced concrete structures of various designation, including bridges;
  • Protection and finishing decoration of building and facility facades;
  • Repair works of old paint coatings;
  • Installation of liquid polymer epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea (modified polyurethane) based flooring systems.


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