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About our company


MorNefteGazStroy Ltd. is a dynamically developing Russian company, which specializes in complex services related to engineering, deliveries and construction to provide protection and safety of oil and gas facilities.


Our experts engineer, construct, outfit and service facilities of civil and industrial construction, oil and gas industry.


Our goal is to make up and promote innovative technologies which will boost efficient and balanced provision of the Russian industry with state-of-the-art solutions. We are interested in our company’s stability and growth, and regularly arrange training for our staff in order to upgrade their qualification. MorNefteGazStroy Ltd. team is constantly improving existing technologies and developing groundbreaking projects.



MorNefteGazStroy Ltd. has all approvals necessary to render the specified services, including Competency Certificate issued by the Russian Federal Security Service providing access to works, classified as the national security information.

Company business lines

  • Technical retrofitting – reconstruction and technical retrofitting via introducing state-of-the-art automated high-tech processing equipment and innovative production mechanisation and automation technologies.
  • Oil and gas projects – services for project development and works on fire protection, corrosion protection, outfitting and maintenance of oil and gas facilities.



  • Commercial Shipbuilding – comprehensive construction and maintenance of facilities of any scale as well as their outfitting with a range of different materials and equipment.


  • Capital construction– package of safe solutions for structural fire protection, vibration, sound and thermal insulation of buildings and facilities, project evaluation, liquid flooring system supplies and installation.



MorNefteGazStroy Ltd. advantages are based on four principles:

  • Reputation 

Ultimate compliance with contractual obligations, regulatory and legislative acts.


  • Comprehensive Approach

Project support at all stages of its implementation.


  • Qualification

  High level of staff competence, advanced equipment and modern software used.


  • Management

Highly professional support at all stages of contract performance.